Dumi Right, Dj Magee, Dj Nio and Nomadic Wax present:  "Internationally Known" Mixtape featuring the best MC's from around the Globe - PRESS RELEASE

The first in a series of innovative mixtapes, Internationally Known: Volume 1 is proof that Hip-Hop is global. Artists from more than thirty nations were brought together to form a comprehensive album that represents the vast landscape of Hip-Hop culture. Artists on the mixtape rap in English as well as their native languages, sparking a climate of cultural exchange.

Conceived by Dumi RIGHT of pH MUSIC and Magee McIlvaine of Nomadic Wax and Magee Films, and mixed by Italy's DJ Nio, Internationally Known gathers material from some of the best Hip-Hop artists across the globe, in order to showcase the underground talent that has formed the foundation for global Hip-Hop. Some of the artists include Zero Plastica (Italy/Nigeria/Jamaica), Alfaress (Morocco), Wagëblë (Senegal), and OBC (Burkina Faso).

The project was a collaboration between Nomadic Wax, Zero Plastica, Basement Underground Studios, pH MUSIC, and Magee Films, organizations that are at the forefront of the global Hip-Hop movement. The mixtape will be distributed for free online and in limited amounts at shows and festivals. It will make its debut at the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival in Hartford, CT on 9 April 2010.

Artists from Internationally Known are free to distribute the mixtape as they see fit in order to help spread the word about positive Hip-Hop culture, educating people and places that never would have experienced progressive, global Hip-Hop otherwise.

Nomadic Wax – Nomadic Wax is a fair-trade international record label and production company dedicated to producing and promoting global urban music and media.

DJ Nio – Italian MC-Producer-DJ and Hip-Hop activist formerly of the underground rap group Zero Plastica. Nio works with Nomadic Wax spinning on NY Radio 91.5 fm and making beats for global artists.
Basement UnderGround Studio –Italy's premiere Hip-Hop and reggae studio providing beats, recordings, mixtapes, computer graphics, etc. for local and international artists.

pH MUSIC, LLC – Founded with the goal of ensuring a sustainable balance between the voices heard within the hip-hop movement, pH MUSIC educates the public by utilizing the positive messages and stories of progressive hip-hoppers from around the globe. pH Music provides a conduit for recording, distribution and publishing of underground hip-hop voices.


"Internationally Known" Mixtape - TRACKSLIST:

1. International Intro - DoomE RIGHT
2. A.R.M. - Heaven Only Knows (Krukid- Uganda, M.Anifest-Ghana)
3. Zero Plastica f. Lowrence & Raphael - Babylon system (Italy/Nigeria/Jamaica)
4. Dealema - V Imperio (Portugal)
5. S.K.R. - They Koll Me (Zimbabwe)
6. (M.anifest f.) Sarah White - Walk Away (USA)
7. Choc Quib Town - La Temperatura (Cololmbia)
8. Mohammed Yahya - African (Mozambique/UK)
9. Mohammed Yahya (drop)
10. Babaluku - Oh Oh Oh (Uganda)
11. JMNI - No retreat, no surrender (Ghana-Togo-Canada)
12. Seo2 f. MC Nauck - Empuja (Chile)
13. Modenine (drop)
14. Quiza - Berh (Mongolia)
15. Hired Gun - Ponder For A Moment (USA)
16. Wagëblë - Senegal (Senegal)
17. Sone f. Flow Hernandez - Hasta Que Pase (Spain)
18. Omar Offendum - Destiny (Syria/USA)
19. Babaluku, Ardamus, Doom E Right, Moussa - Over Here (Babaluku-Uganda, Ardamus-USA, DoomE Right-USA/Zimbabwe, Baay Musa-Senegal)
20. OBC - OBC (Burkina Faso)
21. Breez Evahflowin and Dirt E. Dutch f. Sho & Phase 1 - 4 Wind (USA/France/Spain)
22. Kenny Majozi - Amandla (South Africa)
23. Modenine - Black Rap Messiah (Nigeria/USA)
24. Poetes Fysics - Word Up (Gabon)
25. Djanta Kan - Doka (Togo)
26. Eyezon - Abantu (South Africa)
27. Rizla / SKR (drop)
28. Zeus - Black Tears (Botswana)
29. Alfaress f. Amir Ali - Tbadel Lelmeziyan [Change for the better] (Morocco)
30. Ephniko - Escribo Lo Que Vivo (Colombia/USA)
31. Владимир Slomann - Tpek (Russia)
32. Stichiz - Listen (Haiti)
33. RimmeR f. Arssura - Biografia Unui MC (Romania)
34. G Bobby Bon Flo - 48 Bars (Haiti)
35. The ReMINDers - The way it is (Belgio/Congo/USA)
36. Aivan f. Sara Helene - Manne (Sápmi/Norway)
37. Outspoken, MC Pep - I Can't Believe (Zimbabwe/USA)
38. Lure / Zero Plastica (drop)
39. Outro - DoomE RIGHT

For interviews, media inquiries, or for information about other projects, etc. please contact Nomadic Wax via Ben Herson at (917) 225-8472 or ben@nomadicwax.com, and Magee McIlvaine at magee@nomadicwax.com