Global hip-hop collaboration from Nomadic Wax, Dj Nio, and Funk Nouveau focusing on the 2010 World Cup out now - PRESS RELEASE

[New York – June 11, 2010] – The international media production company Nomadic Wax has teamed up with Genoa, Italy’s DJ Nio, and Brooklyn’s Funk Nouveau, Blackler Mastering, and Eliot Leigh to create a track inspired by the upcoming World Cup. The track features rappers from Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

The massive 12-minute World Cup track uses the immense fervor surrounding the international soccer competition to introduce its listeners to some of the world’s finest MCs. Something like this has never been done before and will offer a stark contrast to the clichéd image of Africa portrayed in the advertisements of many of the World Cup’s major corporate sponsors. More importantly, these artists are given the opportunity to explore the complexities and controversies of this historic event, the first ever World Cup to be held in Africa. According to The Economist, “South Africans themselves are grumbling about the eye-wateringly large amounts of money that FIFA… is poised to make, even though South Africa is bearing most of the cost.” It is controversial issues such as this that are dealt with on this track by a slew of talented young rappers from a vast array of backgrounds and nations, including many of those competing in this year’s World Cup.

“The World Cup is a charade, South Africa is getting played” says South African MC Emile YX in one of his verses on the track. Emile YX and 15 other artists from a range of nations, including Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, and Trinidad-Tobago, among others, spit verses that address many of the themes associated with this year’s World Cup. Lyrics in languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Arabic explore many of the controversies, benefits, and pitfalls of an event as important as the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The track was mixed by Eliot Leigh of Funk Nouveau and mastered by Kevin Blackler at Blackler Mastering.

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