Zero Plastica >>> English BIO

Zero Plastica is an underground Hip-Hop group from Genoa (Italy) that was founded by Nio (mc, dj and producer) and Lure (mc). The group combines conscious and thought-provoking lyrics with rap, reggae, dancehall, and world music styles.

Since the group's formation 2001, Zero Plastica has released dozens of demos, mixtapes, collabos along with their critically-acclaimed self-titled2005 album.

The group has opened for every Italian rap-star and international stars including George Clinton with Funkadelic & Parliament, Shaggy, Signmark, Sud Sound System, Busta Flex, and more. They have performed in venues all across Italy.

In 2011, Zero Plastica was the first Italian rap group ever to sign to an American indie label, releasing their new record -"Basta!", meaning "Enough!"-. The album is extremely political and almost entirely devoted to the current political situation in Italy. The long-awaited album features Tunisian emcee G.O.Man Xtrazik (Rebel Records) and was mastered at Notable Productions (Boston, U.S.A.) by Dan Cantor.
The album has certified Zero Plastica's place within the international hip hop community.